Loves…laughter, drawing, reading, the great outdoors, extreme weather (good era for that), France

Afraid of…aging out of my passions

Refuse to give up…Chicago-style hot dogs

Believe it’s my calling to…write, draw, and then write some more. Before skiing, hiking, and riding my bike to a brewery.

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Tbh, I had to google “Chicago style Hot Dog”. I forgot those. In California, at bar time, they serve these Hot Dogs with sautéed/caramelized onions, mayo, ketchup, on a toasted bun. 🤤

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Quite frankly, I don't want to be where I am anymore. I want out of this country and go someplace else. In my almost 49 years there has been no woman to love. And most recently, my "community" was nothing more than mirage to me. As usual, there is no one willing to speak for me or comfort me. I want to go someplace where people accept me for me. And able to find or be found by the woman who will become my forever love. But I am just pissing away yes?I actually talked to my Healthcare Group about this. Unfortunately, the Psychology Dept of the Healthcare cares more about Policy than Patients. And after talking a few therapists outside of this, I find they are more interested in commerce than help, finding the easy way, the one peg to a hole therapy. If I find therapy that would even try to suit me, I will never afford it.

Trust Me: I am Alone.

There is no one to bare my pain to, no one to help take my weight off, no one to support me no matter what I do, no one to guide me, no one near me at all who has ever had my experience in my lack of dating or relationships.I have gone to Bars, Speed Dating, Date Focus Classes, Flirting Classes. I have been on Dating sites, Sex Seeking sites, Just Coffee Sites. I have been to Matchmakers too many times. I have wasted thousands of dollars wasting on things that never worked. If it wasn't going to a Sex Surrogate over a decade ago, I would still be an agitated virgin. Thank Goodness for Sex Workers once in a while to fill in my Sex Starved Appetite.

And Quite Frankly...I've Given Up. It is not worth going through constant pain all the time. I still go out. I take a walk or two, I go to the movies, I go to a game, I eat out at times, I go to concerts, etc. I don't expect myself to find someone, that makes me be in pain. I just feel comfortable being alone. I just when I am truly need of support, no one is there for me. I am tired of fighting battles, with myself or other people, to even stand up for myself when I know I will shouted be down. That's the main reason I want to leave. I feel I have to scream and yell to even get something accomplished sometimes. I hate being angry and yelling at people, I just want to be kind, but that's people want here now. Biggest Asshole gets the spoils apparently. It's hard to think of others when most people think of themselves. That's why I'm alone. That's why I'm Given Up. That's why I want to leave and go to another country.

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What’s your name and where are you located?

Bruce Brunger in Sunnyvale Calif.

Then, tell me a bit about yourself. You can use the following prompts…


Nature and the Outdoors, learning new things for self-improvement, doing service for others, following my heart to try new things

Afraid of…

Contention and conflict, not being accepted on my own merits,

Refuse to give up…

I refuse to allow negative thoughts to dictate my life choices or my mindset; I try to be a rugged optimist, but practical about things in life.

Believe it’s my calling to…

Soul-touch others...and to share and teach. And to express myself through various creative pursuits

Also, do you have any questions for me? I’m happy to answer!

1. Would be intrigued to learn more about age-differences in relationships

2. How can one discuss trying new lifestyle choices with partners (for example, trying something new in bed, or discussing about any interest in trying an ethically open relationship, etc.)

3. How to reconcile different lovemaking styles (if she is into quickie sex, versus if I wanted to take things slow, etc.)

4. How to discuss "ground rules" in intimate relationships...

5. How to discuss one's perceptions about a relationship with a partner, versus getting at what the real issue may be in a relationship.

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Excellent questions! I’m adding these to the monthly lottery of Q’s A’d. ;)

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Actually, that Cal dog sounds delicious too. Maybe I need to address my hot-dog fixation. A worthy topic for The Love Lab?

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