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Hi, I'm Lanae St.John, founder of The MamaSutra.

I help adults of all genders connect to their own sexual health and their partner by discovering how to explore sex and intimacy - and feel comfortable talking about it (so comfortable, in fact, talking about sex with their kids has become easy).

Most folks think they have to know everything - and they don't! - and feel the stress of gaining experience in an area that feels new to them. As a result, they feel alone, disconnected, and uncomfortable. They have a vision for their relationship with their partner (and kids if they have them), but nothing is changing, and they feel this is going to be the rest of their life: living just on the edge of discovery. Is this you too?

People want to know about sex

Probably because we are all affected by it in some way.

The advice I share on social sites has generated MILLIONS (and yes, sometimes I have to pinch myself when I say it!) OF VIEWS, so I know this for certain...if you have questions about sex, you are NOT alone.

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So. What do YOU want to know?

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Dating, sex & relationship advice from a Sexologist


Hi, I'm Lanae. I'm a sex & relationship coach who helps adults get in touch with their bodies & sexuality so they can talk openly, be present in their relationships and experience the kind of sex and intimacy that has them smiling the whole next day.